Aim – Medical Office HQ

The concept was designed to emphasize both the materials used and the emotions they evoke, so it was essential to work with the utmost care on every little detail. Every single tone, shade and material within the space has been carefully chosen to create a harmonious and balanced ambience.
The materials used are the result of a meticulous local sourcing and are reminiscent of Milanese facades.
The new AIMS administrative headquarters was created therefore with the intention of providing a welcoming space with an informal, elegant and warm atmosphere.
The welcome area is a “public” space; an area where the customer is greeted.
Along the glass panels that divide the rooms, the main feature with its composition of overlapping materials is the reception. A stone-covered structure with overhanging wooden beam is framed by a burnished brass panel, superimposed on a sinuous wall mirror.
The partition that divides the public area from the kitchen is entirely clad in smoked mirror with the aim of accentuating the space and creating stunning architectural features. A hanging curved corrugated sheet of metal forms the waiting area.
The wooden elements in the space are made to measure in smoked oak, giving it a natural warmth.
In the first office an iconic wall lamp protrudes from the wooden boiserie and dominates the work area, while in the second office, which is more compact and intimate, a large black bookcase serves as a scenic backdrop.
A long Kvradrat curtain, in softer hues, embraces the work areas and restores equilibrium, disrupting the space’s rigour. The curtain also acts as a visual filter for the meeting room.
In this last room, the real star is the custom-designed table in purple Calacatta marble, framed by chairs that symbolize the history of design.