ATZ – Castel Barco

The project is developed through the creation a central band that encloses all the service spaces of the apartment (entrance, kitchen, main bathroom, laundry room and corridor), separating the large living room from the kitchen and the sleeping area, consisting of two bedrooms.
This separation is material as well as spatial: the central element is in fact covered in canaletto walnut wood and with its resin floor it creates an element of detachment between the parquet in the living room and in the bedrooms.
The living area is also divided transversely by a custom-made furniture that takes on the characteristics of a two-faced monolithic element. The main side is configured as a bookcase serving the living room, while the opposite side contains a folding bed, so that the study can become a guest room on occasion.
Two full-height doors placed on the sides of this system allow to fully open or close the study space.
The bathrooms were treated as a project within the project. The main one, with the bathtub, has been designed to bring out both the dark marble cladding and the custom-made furniture, while in the en suite bathroom the absolute protagonist is the pleated light marble cladding of the shower area.
The marbles and colors used in these environments juxtapose the color palette used for the rest of the house, mostly made up of soft colors and shades of the woods used for flooring, furnishings and boiserie.